Set up your development environment

Part 0Set up your development environment


Welcome to the Getting Started with Gatsby workshop! We're excited you're here.

In this part, you'll set up your computer with all the tools you'll need for the workshop.

Installation Guide

Here is a brief list of all the tools you'll need to have on your computer before the workshop.

For a more detailed list of installation instructions, refer to Part 0 of the official Gatsby Tutorial.

  • Install Node.js. You'll need version 12.13.0 or later.
    • To check your installation, run the following two commands in your terminal:
      npm --version
      node --version
      They should each display a version number and then exit without any errors.
  • Install Git. (If you're on a Mac, this should already be installed.)
    • To check, run git --version in your terminal. You should get an output similar to:
      git version 2.24.3 (Apple Git-128)
  • Install the Gatsby command line interface (CLI). You'll need v2.31.1 or later.
    • To check, run gatsby --version in your terminal. You should get an output similar to:
      Gatsby CLI version: 2.17.0
      Gatsby version: 3.0.0
      Note: this is the Gatsby version for the site at:
  • Install Visual Studio Code.
  • Create a free GitHub account.
  • Create a free Gatsby Cloud account.


Now that you have all the tools you'll need, you're ready for the workshop!

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